Saturday, January 26, 2008

Fowl Chicken Scratching

They call this here place Roosterpoot and everyone knows that there can only be one big rooster in the barn yard. Here is one last Looney Tunes sketch before I get run out of town on a rail.


John said...

So JK, You animate for warner?

Foghorn and the others have always been faves of mine. they have always an influence on my art. Great job sir!

Pat the Pirate said...

Seriously, did you animate for WB? Your renditions are really incredible.

O.K I'm takin' you on :P
tomorrow's assignment for myself is none other than Henry the Chickenhawk.

A little tidbit about Henry - he was supposed to be the star, but right from the jump Foghorn stole the show & Henry became more of a side character. I'm not sure exactly how many toons they were in together, I believe the dog (name escapes me) took over as Foghorn's antagonist after Henry Hawk faded out.

Henry was a cool Napoleonic tough guy. While he was probably the godfather of many chars I hated like Scrappy Doo, he came first & gets points for originality. Plus those guys at WB did everything right & their chars were just plain good.

One Henry Hawk coming up. As for taking you on, I'll light my cigarette & put my blindfold on now... oh & I'll take the surf & turf for my last meal :P

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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