Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Fresh off the stage-coach.

"Ello Roosterpootians! Allow me to introduce myself. I'm Reginald T. Stonehouse III, esq.

Please don't let the poster alarm you! I can assure you there was just some kind of mix-up in Kansas City!

Now can someone please kindly direct me to a tavern with games of chance?

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John said...

excellent move there Sir and welcome to RoosterPoot!

pixelmark042 said...

Yep, saw this on the AF thread. Welcome, Reginald. As the sheriff, I will be checking up on you. Not doing anything about it, but checking up anyway!

Reginald T. Stonehouse III, esq. said...

Thank you gentlemen!

Sheriff...I assure you sir that I'd NEVER impede a man of the law from doing his civic duty!

The matter in question was due only to a small indiscretion with a Kansas City saloon girl named Molly...and her claims I sullied her "reputation".

Fueled by a few disgruntled poker aquaintances of mine, chiefly that scoundrel Doc Holiday...who lost not only their silver dollars...but their pride when they tried to best me at the game.

I look only to a peaceful...and lawful stay in your fair town.

I hope you'll join me in a game sometime soon...and I'll buy you a shot of whiskey.

Pat the Pirate said...

Hmmm... Thirsty Thurston the town drunk spent some time in K.C. himself, in fact he lost an eye there, & traveled to Roosterpoot after hearing of a Doctor who could fix him up right with a glass one.
He's pretty good at picking up rumors & assorted mumblings & let's just say he's caught wind of some other versions of that story.

Thirsty likes to keep his bottle & his information to himself though (unless of course someone offers him another bottle). So your secrets are probably safe for now. But Thirsty's gonna keep his one, blurry-seeing eye on you from the corner of the saloon.

More on Thirsty Thurston coming soon....

Reginald T. Stonehouse III, esq. said...

Welcome Thisty! So you like a bit of Chaunting do ya?

You can sing for me anytime...and I keep you up to the lamps in spirits and whiskey.

Stop by a game any time and I'll by you a glass or a gatter!