Friday, January 25, 2008

Great big question?

Dose anyone know where I can find or one of you guys may have a sound track loop of a real cheesy western soundtrack sort of in the genre of the spagetti westerns like maybe the intro song to "The Good The Bad and The Ugly." I thought we could post a HTML of it in a loop and always have it playing in the BG any comments or help welcome!



JK said...

I am sorry to be an old fuddy duddy but I really hate websites with background music. It reminds me of the poor jerks who have to work in retail stores during Christmas and listen to Jingle Bells or White Christmas playing endlessly over the store speaker all day long over and over and over. It's like water torture a drop at time drip drop drip drop until it drives you out of your mind. Well, you did ask for opinions.

Pat the Pirate said...

I'm mesa-mes personally. I guess if there is no option for turning it off then I probably lean towards no music, if you can turn it off in a player then I don't really care.

John said...

Hummmmm? ok I actually like the Idea of having it there and you can turn it on if you want. I have smood jazz on my other blog and I wish it wouldn't be on all the time. but I do like my smooth jazz when I'm drawing my ladies. ok was just wondering.


Pat the Pirate said...

I'll say this much... if this gets to the point where people post short animations, I'd rather hear sound effects in them than music on the main page.

But like I said if it's on a player & can be turned off I don't really care.

JK said...

Perhaps I should ask the following questions. What is the desired purpose of this blog?

My impression was that it was a collaborative for sharing drawings ect. not necessarily linked to a common theme but just as a place to interact and inspire and motivate more drawing. Roosterpoot is a catchy name and a mythical place but I assumed that was all it was meant to be. If this is strictly a western themed blog and focused only on western cartoons then I must have misread the introduction. My current impression is that the blog is meant to evolve in whatever directions people want to go and that the posted drawings are just up to the individual contributors to select and publish as they want. If we are going for something else than an exchange and showcase I need some clarification.

Are you guys wanting to have a single theme and story line and then people contribute to that storyline with their cartoons like a stream of consciousness collaboration or is this just random cartoon drawing posts where people can add to the theme of the moment or not as they so choose?

I vote for the latter as I prefer to just draw and post whatever strikes me. I do enough work where I have to satisfy story requirements and was looking for a sketchbook type approach.

Pat the Pirate said...

I kinda prefer the latter as well - if a story line emerges so be it, but I'm all for people posting whatever they like really.

I wasn't in on the original Roosterpoot thread, but I would at least hope this will be it's own thing & not just a continuation of that. This story(if there is one) & that one don't need to have anything to do with each other.

As for myself, I see me adding to the western theme sometimes, & other times just wanting to post my doodles.

I think it's pretty open-ended, but of course I'm not speaking for John, & this is his brain-child, I'm just along for the ride. I do think that narrowing the focus of the blog is going to restrict the # of participants ultimately. There could easily be numerous stories going & when people post if it's a continuation from another post, they can just link it. That way there can be coherent story lines developing, amidst each other but all the while people can post whatever drawing they like as well.

That's my take, but I want to hear Tuneman's thoughts on the whole thing as well.