Friday, January 25, 2008

Hare Today Who Knows Where Tomorrow

Today's sketches are of you know who, that carrot eating, wise cracking, lovable underground dwelling rabbit. Always fun to draw. I love drawing Bug's facial expressions almost as much as Wile E. Coyote's expressions. Of course putting Bugs and Wile E. together in the same cartoon was pure genius, "super genius" that is.....

Who knows what I'll post tomorrow, but it is safe to say it will probably be another famous Looney Tune character because that's what I'm drawing right now as they are so recognizable that they really force me to get my proportions correct to keep them on model which is great practice.


Pat the Pirate said...

The pose where he's standing & pointing is fantastic, I can totally see him in that stance in any number of toons.

I should try doing more stuff like that as well, I never really practice on other people's characters, but as you say it must be a good exercise in staying on model.

JK said...

Drawing characters designed by other people is typical for the animation business. Most animators aren't the originators of the characters they are assigned to animate so yes it is important to learn to draw other peoples characters on model. Additionally, classical characters like the Looney Tunes characters are evolved thru years of refinement and very solid looking so that they are perfect to study as examples of well drawn excellent character designs. A cartoonist who can master them is a leg up on learning to develop their own creations even if those creations are a totally different style.