Saturday, January 26, 2008

Now just what does a rooster poot anyways???

I like this guy, feel like he's got some personality already. I still need to develop him further, but we'll probably be seing more of this fella...

*sorry about the quality, the scanner at work always yields giant files which then look like this when compressed. I'll edit it when I get home with a better pic.*


pixelmark042 said...

Ha! I like it. Is he wearing a hat, or is that his sexy hairdo?

Pat the Pirate said...

Thanks Pixel! That is indeed his sexy doo. :) Although I may try him out in a hat as well. Gotta tinker with a bunch of stuff, but I like the start anyway.

Looking forward to seeing you get in the mix here.

John said...

Hey Pat!

So what is his name....I think he'll fit in just fine!

Pat the Pirate said...

I'm not sure yet... kinda looks like a Hiram to me, but nothing official yet.

Oh & thanks for applying talent to him in your post :P That looks a little more like what was in my head lol. I'll play with him more & refine him as we go along :)

Anonymous said...

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