Friday, January 25, 2008

Hi everyone!

I hope you all are recieving your invites. when you get your invites just follow the instructions and I'll authorize you after that it may take a few hours for me to get back to you but please stand by. I have had about 25 people so far requesting authorization. Now I gotta get busy with it! hahahahaha here is a classic from the original thread to tide ya over till i get back from my sons High school function.
So till then "Draw you city slikkers"


JK said...

That is one funny cartoon! Thanks for sharing it. The next sign further across that plain probably reads "Hazardous Driving When Icy".

Pat the Pirate said...

JK, you should check out the thread that started this whole thing, it's damn near a whole graphic novel at this point, 10 full pages of laughs, but well worth the time when you want an entertaining read!

It's at the Animation Forum > Art Gallery > "I'm Calling you out Vic"

You can see the whole motley crew of bandits, law-dogs & bounty hunters! It's really a classic.

pixelmark042 said...
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pixelmark042 said...

I'm in!!! I need to draw up a scene with about 50 western characters running into the town under a 'Welcome to Roosterpoot' sign. :D