Thursday, January 31, 2008

Belly Up to the Bar!

Ok, I had a thought that we could have a pass-along-a-file thing where there would be a background of say a saloon and someone could add their character, and then repost it and so on until we have a really good scene with everyone in it. I mentioned it to Cartuneman, and before I could even figure out how I would go about creating such a background, he had knocked out a masterpiece suitable for even my favorite cartoons. Ya gotta envy that kinda talent sometimes. So here is the file, as it currently stands with the sheriff included. I'd say it needs a bar and bartender for sure, a piano maybe, definatly a card table with some cheatin varmints! Sound like a good idea?


pixelmark042 said...

oops. danm, if someone could trim the sides a bit, too. That'd be real sweet. (:O (embarrased)

Pat the Pirate said...

Lol :) Good start Pixel! I'll start working on getting something in there.