Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Thirsty Thurston

*sniff* Is that alcohol I smell? Thirsty Thurston has just joined the party! Thirsty, sometimes referred to as "Socket," is the resident drunk in Roosterpoot. He's been in town a while but has been around.

Thirsty came to Roosterpoot after hearing tell of a Doctor in the area who could fix him up proper with a new eye. He hasn't found him yet, but Thirsty is in no hurry to leave town. You see, Thirsty has a steady supply of libations on hand in the local saloon. How does he pay for said libations? Easy. Thirsty has a knack for gathering information. Taking advantage of his reputation, Thirsty isn't always quite as drunk as he seems, and many a man has mistakenly thought "Socket" was just sleeping off a load in the corner when in fact he is listening intently.

In a town like Roosterpoot, Thirsty has no problem turning what he hears into a lucrative income... which he promptly drinks up. Be it law man or bandit, if you want the inside scoop in Roosterpoot, you don't read the paper, you talk to Thirsty Thurston, but always for a price.


pixelmark042 said...

hahaha! I like him. a very central character indeed! does one go about contacting you on the side? heheh

Reginald T. Stonehouse III, esq. said...

Eh...what? A back-hander then?

That's right dodgy of ya!

We're gonna get along like bangers and mash,!

Oh...and Howdy Sheriff!