Saturday, February 02, 2008


Next time I play with it I'll make the arms of the piano hammers lighter. (no clue what they're called) that whole section came out too dark, but it's getting late & I'm lazy :)
Here's a piano & a table. Now we need a pianist -That's pianIST and some card sharks (or fish). Get to drawin people :P


pixelmark042 said...

Wow, thanks for all your hard work on this! The perspectives and all; Great job!

Pat the Pirate said...

heh, thanks, but you're being too kind. The left side of the piano looks bent & I think the table looks a bit high now... that's an easy fix though, & I guess it can't be the only bar in the old west with a banged up bent piano :)

All I can say for the strings & hammers is thank God for copy & paste!!!

Reginald T. Stonehouse III, esq. said...

Great job, Sir Patrick!!

It's looking more and more like my 'ome sweet 'ome!!!

SNIFF....Blimey...I promised myself I wouldn't cry!

: )

(Oh...and look for my png over at AF sir)