Friday, February 01, 2008

First Pieces Assembled

Well, we got as far as putting the bar together tonight... gotta start with the most important parts of a town first of course :)

I have more roughed out, but work calls early tomorrow... soon though soon.

Oh & didn't mean to take ya out of the pic there Reg, Once I get a final I'll try to put everyone in there.


Reginald T. Stonehouse III, esq. said...

Top!'s the mutt's nuts, Pat!!

: )

Pat the Pirate said...

Well cheese-wiz & gobstoppers! I'm glad you like it! :)

I think I need to make the bar a little bit taller though. Unless the sheriff is a 7 footer heh. Just noticed the bar only comes up to his um, holster.

I'll be adding to it through the weekend.

pixelmark042 said...

We can shrink the sheriff if you like (send ya the dadburn fla.). and definatly great job; it's slicker than snail snot! (a Roosterpoot delicacy?)

Pat the Pirate said...

I know I can import the fla, though I've never tried (don't have flash) so send me that but also a png of just the sheriff with no bg if you can. PNG supports alpha & with no BG I can easily scale him down a little bit & put him in place with no problem.

Wasn't gonna get into this until later & I probably still won't, but either of you can send me models of your chars & I'll be glad to rig them as cut outs. Will ultimately save time on drawing out a million poses over the long run. No rush on that though :) I've got plenty of other homework right now heh, but just something to think about.

Oh & Pixel, the sheriff isn't too tall, the bar is too short :)
But overall I think we can fit more people/stuff in if we scale him down instead of scale the bar up, I think that would fill the room pretty quick.

John said...

Hi guys, wow this place looks nice. I'm working on some more BG's for This good ole town. That if you'ns don't mind? Sorry I haven't been around I've been busy with packing and getting ready to move. Our new home will be ready to move into on the 15th and thw wife is all excited and so guess what I get to do? Pre pack! You wouldn't believe it....even though it's two weeks away she has almost the whole house packed already....She keeps eyeing my computer and I have to throw myself upon it to keep it from going into a box! hahahahahahaha Good show guys good show!