Saturday, December 29, 2007

Welcome to Roosterpoot......ya varments!


This is a drawing challange that will continue for ever, all ya have to do is send me your e-mail address at and I will add you as an auther to this blog. Then you submitt your art and out draw the last person or persons that have submitted. this is a great way to create and be creative. It's totally adlib and the sory as it goes along. It can change as you see fit or any one of us can change it. Who knows this may become a great hit some day So There! I'm first up...anyone care to take me on?

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Pat the Pirate said...

Out draw YOU?! That's a pretty tall order my friend! Maybe you should have gone last lol.

This is a really cool idea though, and fun. I'll definitely take a shot at ya soon, although I think your no-good rustler there will eat me alive!

I think I'll pass this site along to some other friends as well, I really like the idea.

Cheers mate,